The Sigle of the University



In the past years, the University of Oradea has been involved in a process of dynamic development, thus becoming a higher education institution at a European standard both due to its numerous partnerships with universities worldwide and the committed teaching staff, and the top equipment it provides.

Lying in the county seat of the Bihor County, our institution has a favourable geographical position, as Oradea is considered to be Romania’s Western Gate.

The University of Oradea is a supporter of continuous development and has as its core duty to respond to the needs of those willing to pursue their professional education in an exceptional academic environment.

As a continuator of the academic tradition of the higher education institution in the field of Philosophy established in Oradea in 1780, and turned into the Faculty of Law in 1788, the University of Oradea is now known for its international opening.

The great number of students coming from abroad, who have chosen our university to complete their BA, MA, or doctoral studies, as well as the students from Oradea, who benefit from the Lifelong Learning Programme (which includes sub-programmes such as: Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig, and Jean Monnet) funded by the European Union support this opening.

Hoping that the University of Oradea will be a favourable environment to develop your academic and cultural competences, I wish you:

Welcome to the University of Oradea!

Prof. Dr. Constantin BUNGAU