The Sigle of the University



The University of Oradea is led by the University Senate, presided by the Senate President. From each faculty, college and department in the University's structure are chosen representatives in the University Senate, Academic staff, researchers and students in compliance with the Law and the University's Charter.

The executive leadership of the University is done by the Board of Administration, consisting of the Rector as president, Vice-Rectors, Faculties' Deans, General Administrative Director and one student representative.

Councils manage the faculties and departments. Deans manage the faculties' councils and directors, the department councils. The faculty's council organizes and manages the entire activity of the faculty. The executive leadership of the faculty is provided by the Council Bureau or by the deans.

The departments organize and coordinate the educational and scientific research activity in the academic and scientific field. The research groups of the faculty are sub-ordered to the faculties' councils. The two research centers, the National Geothermal Research Center and the Medical Research Center are sub-ordered to the University Senate.


President of the Senate:

Ph.D.Prof. Sorin CURILA - e-mail:


Chancellor of the Senate:

Ph.D.Conf. Vasile-Aurel CAUS - e-mail:



Ph.D. Prof. Eng. Constantin BUNGAU - CV, e-mail:



Ph.D.Prof. Marcel ROSCA

Ph.D.Prof. Sorin SIPOS

Ph.D.Conf. Marcela PRADA

Ph.D.Prof. Gheorghe TARA

Ph.D.Conf. Simona TRIP


General Administrative Director:

Ph.D.Prof.Eng. Mircea GORDAN - e-mail:


Economic Director:

Ec. Crina GHERLEA - e-mail: