The Sigle of the University



The facilities of our university can be characterized in two words: variety & development. Here is what our institution can offer to you:


Training spaces:

The whole area of the buildings we are provided with for the training courses is 43900 square m. The students and the staff have their activities in 145 laboratories, 36 seminar rooms 102 course-rooms and lecture rooms, Aula -Magna (300 seats), the Lecture Hall of Faculty of Environmental Protection, the Expoflora greenhouse complex, 5 sport halls, agricultural grounds.


The university campus:

Covering an area of 14300 square m, it is one of the cosiest university campuses in Romania. This aspect is given by the successful combination between the architecture of the buildings and the little dendralogical park having species like: "Rododendron skocsky", "Fortitia suspeusa Catalpa", sp "Belula Verucosa", "Cerasus Aoium", "Sophora Japonica", "Salix Babylonica" etc.; some of them being rarities.


The library:

It was established in 1963 as a contiguous utility of the former Pedagogical Institute. Beginning with 1990, as a result of a quickly development of the University, the library obtained an encyclopedic university character reflected in the existent book stock. Actually it is provided with: :

  • a stock amounted to more than 226600 volumes, more than 10000 readers, most of them students
  • rooms situated inside the buildings of the different faculties
  • access for the students to other libraries such as the "Tarii Crisurilor Museum Library", the Public Library, the Library of the Romanian Orthodox Bishopric.

At present, a new library is being built. When the construction comes to an end, it will be one of the largest and most modern libraries in our country, and will ensure for its users all the necessary facilities at modern standards:

  • integral computerization
  • access to Internet
  • a book stock of 3 mil. volumes
  • Intranet system
  • 2000 seats in the reading-rooms
  • individual rooms for study, for staff, Ph. D. candidates, researchers, students
  • rooms for musical audition for the students of the Faculty of Music, Theology etc.

As architectural conception, the building is planned on 5 levels, being structured on 2 functional compartments: one that serves as book deposit and the other for reading and studying.


The documentation center:

The University of Oradea focuses all its efforts on the creation and development of a powerful information center. For the management of the data base at micro level we use applications written in FOXPRO and at macro level we started the development of an informational system based on a SQL (My SQL) engine which will extend concomitant with the extension of the computer network of the University of Oradea. At present is equipped with 600 PC. Also we have 4 servers on which there are installed operation system such as; LINUX, SOLARIS, NOVELL.

An important contribution to the development of powerful informational base has the connecting of the UNIVERSITY at Internet. In this respect, 300 computers with network or dial up connections have access to Internet.

The major aim is the development of the circulation of information both within the University and in the cooperation relations which it has, by developing the computer network and the Internet system, by connecting more computers and by editing newer publicity materials.


The hostels:

Part of the students of our university are accommodated in places having this very destination. These include:

  • 2 own hostels situated in the campus that offer 656 seats
  • 2 hostels situated in Oradea
  • one hostel underconstruction (400 setas)

Equipped according to the actual requirements, they are estimated to satisfy to a large extent the demand for the future students.


The canteen:

Having a capacity of 600 seats (3 series) the canteen provides the meals for the students and festive or protocol meals. Being situated in the campus, it has the great advantage of time saving.


The staff house:

Being under an advanced level of construction the building is meant especially for the staff and it is conceived to have multiple purposes: accommodation, meals, the organization of conferences, of cultural manifestation etc.


The guests house:

The guests of the University and foreign lecturers can make full use of the Guests house. It is meant to make their accommodation in our university more pleasant.


The students club:

For those who want to spend their spare time the Students house is available. It is the favorite place for organizing festivities, concerts or cultural manifestations with our students participation.


Places with spiritual destination:

Located in the campus, they include a prayer chapel still being in process of painting and a historical monument, the "Saint-Archangel Michael and Gabriel". Built of wood between 1760-1762, the church is a testimony to the Romanian religious architecture.

Built in rectangular plane with a polygonal with 5 sides, the church is equipped with a belfry with a tower opened on archways.

Being an important tourist objective, it constantly attracts a great number of visitors, also being a place for religious service, on the occasion of Christian holidays.


The sport base:

Stretching over an area of 17000 square m, the sport base of the University has a double destination, being a training place for the students of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport as well as for sport practicing and entertainment of students and staff.

Nowadays, the whole complex comprises :

  • rugby
  • football
  • volley
  • beach-volley
  • handball
  • tennis grounds
  • basket grounds
  • athletics, gymnastics and bodybuilding halls.


"Gaudeamus" didactic and research base:

For didactic and research activities or for entertainment and rest you can use the tourist base of the University at Stina de Vale. Situated at 90 km South-East from Oradea, this base offers accommodation and meals for 80 persons, a classroom and a ski track equipped with baby-ski for the performance sportives of the University Sport Club (USC).


Medical assistance:

If necessary, you can make use of medical assistance at The Health Unit located within the campus. Consisting of two medical consulting rooms, specialized on General medicine and Stomatology, it may help you to regain your health. If you have more complex problems you can treat it in one of the university clinics in our town.


The magazine of the University:

Issued for the first time in 1967 under the title "Scientific Works", the magazine is now named "The Annals of Oradea University" in the same time with the foundation of the University. Structured on series, in accordance with field of research developed at the level of each faculty, the magazine includes the articles, the studies presented at the yearly sessions by our students and professors or of those invited from other universities from Romania.


Local printing facilities:

The university is provided with adequate equipment necessary for printing the university magazine, lectures or technical books.