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Distance Learning

Address: C.P. nr. 114, Oficiul Postal 1, Str. Universitatii nr. 1, Oradea, Romania
Phone: +40 259 408 423 (secretary); +40 259 408 426 (Director)
Fax: +40 259 408 426


General Presentation

In order to create some an open and a more flexible structure of education, conceived according to the necessities of adaptation to the conditions of the labor market, Senate of the University of Oradea decided the development of this form: distance learning education (D.L.E) seting up this new Department in the fall of 1999.

Distance learning education offers a good flexibility by setting the student free from time, space and working rhythm compulsion, presenting a special attraction for the employed population. For complete information please visit our web site


Entrance Exams

The admission for distance learning education courses is carried out in the following three ways:

  1. With an entrance exam for those who get at least an average of 5 choosing DLE or for those who asked, at their own choice, for this form of education and who did not obtain a position paid by the state budget.
  2. Without any entrance exam for the graduate students who want to follow a second faculty or specialization on the account of the graduation mark.
  3. Without an entrance exam on the account of the diploma paper (high-school or university diploma) and of a receipt testifying that he/she is an employee (unemployed) in order to obtain funds from the Minister of Labor and Social Protection or the interested companies.

A committee named for this purpose for each and every faculty will be in charge of this activity. In order to be enrolled, students will pay an annual tax settled by the Senate of the University of Oradea suggested by the Department of DLE of which 40% goes to the university (20% for development, 20%for general expenses), and 60% to The Department of DLE, for the payment of the educational staff, the Staff of the Department of DLE, for development, cooperation actions etc.


Way of Organization - Duties and Abilities

According to the M.E.N. (Ministry of National Education) order no. 3457/23.03.1998, regarding the introduction of the Distance Learning Education in the Romanian universities, The University of Oradea proceeded to the organization of the distance learning education and of the Department for the Distance Learning Education.

The Department of DLE is subordinated to the Executive Bureau of the Senate of the University, having the following structural organization:

  • Director - applies the policy of the Senate of the University in the field of the distance learning education, cooperates with the director of studies and the executive director to manage the educational process and the administrative and financial activity of DLE.
  • Director of studies - cooperates with the faculties for the administration of the educational process and with other partners (international centers, sponsors etc.). The employment of the educational staff is dealt with by the director of studies together with the deans of the faculty and the heads of departments.
  • Executive director - leads the secretarial activity, the development of the educational process (schedules, lectures, seminars, exams, payment), and also the relationships with the educational staff involved in the educational activity for Distance Learning Education, and is also in charge with the administrative and financial management for distance learning education.
  • Secretariate - deals with the administration of students and with the secretariates of faculties and ensures the proper development of the educational process (scheduling lectures and exams), the elaboration and multiplication of materials, mail receiving and registering etc.
  • Accounting - an accountant - cashier who has the mission of dealing with taxes and expenses according to bookkeeping and the university budget included in the institution balance.
  • Logistics - a network administrator and two computer operators who administrate the whole network for the electronic campus, ensuring the horizontal connections with the secretariats and the deans' offices of the faculties, elaborate information products of their own for the automatic evidence and the elaboration of educational materials for DLE, ensure a good functioning of the electronic campus, taking care of the security levels, administrate and develop the Internet system.


Development of the Educational Process

DLE will benefit from a studying program having 14 weeks / semester. When the adequate educational materials will be accomplished, the direct teacher-student contact will be reduced to 2-3 synthesis lectures and the final exam.

In order to support the educational program, the permanent academic teacher will elaborate and offer students of DLE adequate educational materials: published university textbook with an educational aspect proper to the distance learning education, lectures like the virtual textbook sent on the Internet, exercise books and laboratory activities, self evaluation, control and exam tests. These educational materials will be delivered being paid from the tax account or from a special tax account. Starting with the year 2000-2001 the Department of DLE intends to vary the educational material beginning with those in the shape of the classic support (paper) to those on electromagnetic support (CDs and floppy disks) and accomplish the interactive communication through the Internet.

The educational program for DLE is similar to the one applied for day courses. The principles of organization based on the transferable credits are applied to DLE.



The DLE form can be applied along with the classical education to obtain a degree for the following types of continuous formation education:

  • Post-graduate courses (1 year);
  • Enriching and completing of knowledge in the shape of short term courses (2-4 weeks), at the request of the economic agents;
  • Professional reconversion.

Once the development achieved, DLE may also focus on permanent education activities, the education of grown ups etc. for different beneficiaries according to the concrete needs of the labor market.



In order to function within normal limits, at present the Department of DLE benefits from a logistic infrastructure:

    • a center with two offices (secretariate, board)
    • computers connected to Internet for communication with students and teachers for elaborating the necessary materials for Department-faculties, Department-collaborators communications
    • an industrial photocopier for the multiplication of materials on paper and electromagnetic support
    • spaces for teaching at the institution center and university center (laboratories, lecture rooms, equipment, seminar rooms)
    • space for storing and distribution of the didactic materials
    • a direct telephone-fax.


Leadership of the Department


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Adriana Giurgiu